the show's gotta go all over the place
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This blog belongs to a girl who is in far too many fandoms for her own good.
And sails more ships than should be legal.
But be warned. She is a notorious multishipping whore who has been known to turn the unsuspecting passersby into members of her crew.

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I would much rather be running this race with you than against you.

As equals.

brookelipton: Love Is A Battlefield with these two sexy boys!!!!! @chriscolfer @DarrenCriss kickin ass!!!!


remember when this whole website would give a kidney to see chris shirtless and now we get an episode full of it

life is good

i would like to thank god and also jesus

In high school I did everything I could not to take my shirt off in front of other people. Like, I don’t think I showered once after gym class. Now though, thanks to a little more working out, a little more protein, my outside-self is catching up to my inside-self. And I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. And that feels good.